Dengue Alerts & News

Worst-ever dengue outbreak kills up to 300 in Sri Lanka
Medical experts attached to the Jayewardenapura University Medical Faculty are researching on a drug to block fluid leakage among patients suffering from Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF)
A new mosquito species spreading dengue discovered
W.H.O. accepts Lanka’s dengue statistics
Red Cross mobilises to help control dengue outbreak
Second phase of Dengue eradication program today
News1st members join in as Presidential Task Force on Dengue Prevention gets underway
Dengue threat plagues abandoned lands
Dengue claims 269 lives in 2017
Dengue statistics: Authorities face difficulties in notifying accurate numbers
What is Dengue? - 03rd July
Deadly dengue! - 03rd July
Army constructs additional wards for Dengue patients at Negombo Hospital - 03rd July
SMLS presents proposal for dengue patient management - 03rd July
Special Dengue Eradication programs in three Districts - 02nd July
Specialist medical teams deployed as Dengue rages on - 02nd July
Public support Key to eradicating Dengue - 02nd July
Special Dengue Prevention Programme Launched - 01st July
Hospitals flooded with dengue patients - 27th June
Dengue Dengue Everywhere - 22nd June
Dengue threatens innocent lives across Sri Lanka - 25th June
Essential tests for Dengue within 30 minutes: SMLS - 18th June
Health Minister dismisses H1N1 epidemic claims in Sri Lanka. Dengue has claimed 40 lives within the first three months of the year, but cannot be controlled alone by the Health Ministry; even in clean countries like Singapore around 30,000 cases have been reported - 08th April
How to eradicate Dengue virus from Sri Lanka - 03rd April
Dengue and H1N1: Health warnings for 11 districts - 03rd April
කොළඹ ඩෙංගු මර්දනයට ක්‍ෂණික විහිදුම් ඒකකයක්‌ - 03rd April
Dengue Vs Tourism - 02nd April
බී.ටී.අයි. බැක්ටීරියාවෙන් ඩෙංගු මර්දනයට වැඩක් ගන්නේ නෑ - 02nd April
ඩෙංගු මැඬලිය නොහැකි ඇයි? - 02nd April
Over 50 Dengue deaths reported in ninety days - 01st April
The Mosquito Menace : Dengue, Prevention, & Cure - 31st March
ඩෙංගු මැඩලීමට පෙර පාසල්, හා ටියුෂන් වසා දැමේ - 31st March
Study : Prior Dengue Infection May Make Zika Worse - 30th March
Eliminating dengue menace – the DDT approach - 27th March
Have dengue day everyday - 25th March
Sri Lankan Government recruits 1,500 to eradicate dengue mosquitoes - 20th March
2000 dengue patients found in Trinco - 20th March
කින්නියා ඩෙංගු : "පාසල් වසාදැමීම විසඳුම නොවෙයි" - 19th March
මාස තුනක් ඇතුලත ඩෙංගු මරණ 40 ක් - 18th March
මේ වසරට ඩෙංගු රෝගීන් 21,000යි. ඩෙංගු මර්දන සහායකයින් 500කට පත්වීම් - 18th March
ත්‍රීකුණාමලයයේ ඩෙංගු නවත්වන්න අගමැති ලක්ෂ 50 ක් වෙන් කරයි - 16th March
2017 වර්ෂය තුල ඩෙංගු අවදානම බරපතළ වෙයි - 06th March
ඔන්න ආයෙත් ඩෙංගු ඇවිල්ලා - 03rd March
Dengue (Un)control – Business as Usual - 05th January
ඩෙංගු දින පොත - dengue diary...


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