How to Eradicate Dengue Virus from Sri Lanka - A detailed video presentation by Dr Lal Jayasinghe

Sri Lanka is under the grip of a severe epidemic of Dengue fever and Dengue haemorrhagic fever.
The enemy is the dengue virus and not the mosquito. In order to eliminate dengue, we need to eliminate the virus. The mosquito only “transports” the virus acquired from a dengue patient. Therefore, the correct strategy is to isolate the dengue patient from mosquito bites. 50% isolation will eliminate dengue in 4 months.

Dr Jayasinghe is an MBBS qualified doctor with over 50 years service experience in Public Health in Sri Lanka and the UK.

For more information please see the detailed report, "How to Eradicate Dengue Virus from Sri Lanka", compiled by Dr Lal Jayasinghe with the public domain data.


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